The Art Of Sisterhood


Behind every successful WOMAN is a TRIBE of other successful WOMEN who have her back.

I am so excited to announce that I will be a featured guest artist in Kara Bullock’s BRAND NEW course The Art of Sisterhood!  The goal of this course is to emphasize the value of women to each other, the value of love and support, and the value of sisterhood!  It is all about brave women sharing their own personal stories in the hopes that we can all learn from one another how to be a supportive sister in this world.  Join us as we come together for one common goal, embracing each other and changing the world.

Learn more about the instructors HERE!16487668_10212640361064851_848321177354914568_o

My lessons will include the idea vulnerability and self-trust as we incorporate story-telling into our creative process.  I will offer one main lesson and two visual journaling lessons.  Below is the painting, “Protector”, which I will demonstrate in my main lesson.  REGISTER OR LEARN MORE HERE.

“Protector” – DSWilson 2017

There is also a 5-day RETREAT, The Traveling Art of Sisterhood. and registration is open NOW!!!

Space is limited!  If you are in need of a payment plan, please contact Kara directly as these are available.  To register for the in-person workshop, click HERE.

Let’s share our stories AND our tools that have helped us in our own experiences.  Let’s learn to accept and celebrate each others differences! Let’s connect and create art in a whole new way! 

The Art of Sisterhood is for everyone!  

I look forward to our ART HEART connection.