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Celebration Amidst Struggle

There has been much discussion by social media friends lately about struggling with the creative process.  I'm right there with you.  For me, I think I may be in a growth spurt.  I'm ready to learn more technique, to slow down and take my time with the process.  Slower is faster.  I want to tell a story with… Continue reading Celebration Amidst Struggle

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Let’s Face It!

  Hi Everyone!!  Here is your daily reminder to sign up for "Let's Face It 2016" before December 1st to ensure that you get the $99 early bird special! As you may know, I'll be teaching on the figure, adding on to the beautiful face you will be creating from the beginning of this class.… Continue reading Let’s Face It!

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Registration is Open!

Registration for Kara Bullock's "Let's Face It 2016" course is now open.  While this may be an inspirational journey for some, it will also be jam packed with education, instruction, tips and techniques for painting faces and figures.  There is a line- up of incredibly talented teachers and I'm so excited to be a part… Continue reading Registration is Open!

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Late Night Painting…

I started this pretty lady yesterday afternoon.  Then stopped to have dinner with my sweetheart and watch some tube.  As usual, I fell asleep on the couch.  Once in bed for the night, I was wide awake so I got up to paint.  Why just lay there thinking about it? I just had to work… Continue reading Late Night Painting…

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Work Gets in the Way…

Of painting, that is...  This is my lunchtime sketch.  I really like the "Friends" piece with the snow globes for hair, so thought I would do more "Friends" pieces.  Here is my sketch for "Friends With Hats".  Can't wait to paint them!

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These girls came to me while perusing Pinterest, which I love!  The original picture was of two girls with ratted beehive hairdos and black leather jackets.  I suddenly envisioned snow globes for hair and this painting is the result.  I love them.  If you had a snow globe for hair, what would we see??

Mixed Media Art Blog


This blog will be a simple blog.  A place to share, create and connect.  Inspire each other.  I will post my creations as they come to life.  I will also keep a list of art shows, classes and other events in which I am involved.  Thank you for visiting my page!  Enjoy!