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Giving Thanks…

Today, I give thanks for: My Husband Time off work to cook with my Husband! My Family My Friends My Art Friends - local & online ART!!! Creativity Time off work for art and creativity! My Cats Travel Growth Opportunities - both pleasant and painful Afternoon naps in the sun Many more... Sending all of… Continue reading Giving Thanks…

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In The Precious Moments…

As most of you know, I work full-time in the mental heath field helping people with mental health conditions return to work.  This can be very satisfying and can also be very frustrating when we see people get stuck out of fear and lack of confidence.  We all experience that in different aspects of our… Continue reading In The Precious Moments…

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A Little Whimsicality…

Just a bit of whimsy for your Monday!  The muse remains with me so I thought I'd share.  Keep your eye out because you will be seeing some of these girls in up-coming online workshops!! Cheers! Deanna

Mixed Media Art Blog

Spring has Sprung!

After a winter filled with low energy and lack of inspiration, spring has finally sprung for me and my muse has returned!  So have my allergies!  The flowers are blooming, grass is being mowed, the hills are green and lush.  Nights are not quite warm enough for a cool drink on the front porch, but… Continue reading Spring has Sprung!

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Super Girl and Other Thoughts…

For Christmas, I received a mug with this image and saying on it:  "The super girl cape is in the laundry. You'll just have to take my word for it."  The colleague who gave it to me said she saw it and immediately thought of me. Me?  A super hero?  A caped crusader?  A protector… Continue reading Super Girl and Other Thoughts…

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Let’s Face It is Almost Here!!!

Two days left until Christmas! Eight days left until the end of the year!!!   Do you still have someone to shop for?  How about a new way to be, live, do this New Year?  Imagine a year's worth of instruction and inspiration, a community of creativity, a welcoming of new ideas, tools and techniques!… Continue reading Let’s Face It is Almost Here!!!

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Happy Wednesday!

Wow!  The days are flying by this season and it finally feels like winter here on the Central Coast with freezing temperatures, frost warnings and the beautiful layer of ice covering grasses which begin to steam as the morning sun rises.  This past weekend was celebratory for me.  I taught my first mixed media class… Continue reading Happy Wednesday!

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Small Business Saturday!

Hi everyone!  It's Small Business Saturday today.  Please remember to shop local today and this Holiday season.  Please also support your local artists.  We really appreciate it! I'm offering 20% off everything in my Etsy Shop and FREE shipping in the US.  Use promo code SBS2015 in the checkout.  I may have something just right… Continue reading Small Business Saturday!

Art Classes

Celebration Amidst Struggle

There has been much discussion by social media friends lately about struggling with the creative process.  I'm right there with you.  For me, I think I may be in a growth spurt.  I'm ready to learn more technique, to slow down and take my time with the process.  Slower is faster.  I want to tell a story with… Continue reading Celebration Amidst Struggle

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Let’s Face It!

  Hi Everyone!!  Here is your daily reminder to sign up for "Let's Face It 2016" before December 1st to ensure that you get the $99 early bird special! As you may know, I'll be teaching on the figure, adding on to the beautiful face you will be creating from the beginning of this class.… Continue reading Let’s Face It!