My HeART Journey – From Journal to Canvas

My desire to create an online class about discovering one’s art process, what my process is and how I use art journals to facilitate that process has resulted in these FREE videos below.

Other events in life have taken priority at this time and I simply want to share what I have created even if it is unfinished.

I work mostly in daylight, so some bits of the videos may be a little dark.  You will also hear me refer to things such as “intro video”, “pdfs” or “links”.  These don’t exist.  They may in the future, but not right now.

In the first video, I will discuss different art journals, why I like them and how I use them.

In the second video, I will take you through my process of writing down each step I take during the creation of a painting.  I demonstrate how I make notes along the way of what I want to remember to do next time or not to do.  Part One is loaded for now.  I’m hoping to add Part Two soon.

I hope you enjoy these videos and find the information helpful in discovering your own process.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about these videos, discovering your process or sharing information about your own process.