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I have had an opportunity this past week to write about the power mental health can have over one’s life and I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of people who have suffered trauma or even who have had a seeming “normal” life yet for unexplained reasons still are absorbed by illness.

What keeps me going in the work I do is “time”.  Success in a service providers line of work cannot be measured by the success of those in whom we are helping.  Success, for me, is coming back day after day, continuing to offer an opportunity for change and holding the hope for someone else until they begin to hold it for themselves.  Below is a snippet of my recent writing on this matter:

Regarding Employment: “Suffice it to say, many individuals are in survival mode of some sort which takes precedence as their recovery begins.  It is not until recovery is more established that people have the opportunity to think of themselves as more than a person with a mental illness and reclaim those parts of them that have been lost along the way.  Returning to work often falls into this forgotten space along with belief in oneself and hope for a life less shattered.”  DSW

We are all voyagers in this world trying to get through each day the best we can.  Hopefully, most of those days are not spent simply surviving.  I continue to be inspired by those who show up despite the difficulty of doing so.  I am motivated by the power that exudes from someone when they begin to believe in their own ability to grow again.

It is in this power where we THRIVE.





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