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In The Precious Moments…

Girl in Tutu

As most of you know, I work full-time in the mental heath field helping people with mental health conditions return to work.  This can be very satisfying and can also be very frustrating when we see people get stuck out of fear and lack of confidence.  We all experience that in different aspects of our lives and there is often conversation about fear, not feeling good enough and even the dreaded, “I’m not an artist”.  I call that the voice of the Impostor.  That is the time we need to push through.  Recognize the voice for whatever it is for us, fear of putting ourselves out there, fear of rejection, fear of not being liked, whatever it may be.

It is often in those precious moments that breakthroughs come.

I have been taking an artist mentorship with David Limrite called “ELEVATE”.  Through this course, I’ve felt happy, frustrated, discouraged, challenged, hopeful and successful!  I have learned and will continue to learn that this is part of the journey.  It is the process, not the outcome.  It is also the connection I have with the mentoring group.  The encouragement, the accountability, the honest feedback, the suggestions, the delight and the celebration together.  It is the accountability with support that has meant so much and that which keeps me pushing to finding my creative voice, the whole reason I decided to take this mentoring course.

I truly feel like I have found direction and focus in my creative process and it wasn’t without a lot of perseverance, I have to say.  Please send me any comments, shares, questions.  I’d love to hear from you, learn about your creative process and see what you are creating.







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