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Leaning In…

soul2On August 27th, I began David Limrite’s ELEVATE course, a 4-month small group artist mentor-ship program.  I have been looking for something like this for quite a while, something that can offer me direction and focus and help me figure out what it is I’m doing with all of this creativity living inside of me.  This past weekend, I completed all of my art “commitments”, as I call them, and I finally have an opportunity to focus solely on what I want to create.  I don’t have to create a piece for an online video course and I don’t have to create a piece for some “Call for Artists” event I signed up for.  I get to create just for me and you know what???  I don’t know what to do!  AHHHH!

I began a painting and loved it at two different stages.  I kept playing with it, creating, destroying and recreating, because I could!  I didn’t have to do it for anyone or anything.  So, I kept poking at it.  I eventually killed it.  I was so unhappy with it, I ripped it off my table, folded it up and threw it away.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that and it certainly won’t be the last.  I was frustrated and it was hard.

Last week and this week, I have experienced a pattern of messages about what to do when things feel difficult.  One person said to “lean in to the difficulties”.  Instead of fighting against them or pushing them away, LEAN IN.  Today, I viewed a Ted Talk at work by Amy Purdy.  She talks about “living without limits” but my take away was “pushing off the boundaries”.  Instead of breaking them down, fighting against them or pushing them away, PUSH OFF from them.  LEAN IN to them.  USE THEM to propel you into the direction you want even if you are not sure exactly where that will be.  Click HERE to watch her Ted Talk. She has quite an inspiring story.

This is a picture of the painting I eventually shredded.  The great thing is?  I can try it again if I want to.





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