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Spring has Sprung!

After a winter filled with low energy and lack of inspiration, spring has finally sprung for me and my muse has returned!  So have my allergies!  The flowers are blooming, grass is being mowed, the hills are green and lush.  Nights are not quite warm enough for a cool drink on the front porch, but a blanket and my sweetheart fixes that just fine.

With the onset of spring also comes new inspiration.  My focus this year is on figures, mostly female, but I’m an equal opportunity sketcher!  I’ve been practicing life drawing several times per week using the Croquis Cafe playlist on YouTube for warm up.  If you have never tried life drawing, it is using a live model as your reference and it is timed.  Poses begin at 1 minute intervals, then 2 minutes and finally 5 minutes.  It’s amazing how much actually gets drawn in 5 minutes!  I plan to try this in one of our local Art shops that hosts this type of life drawing opportunity, but the internet is so easy…

Upcoming this year:

Monthly online auction with The Artist Gallery Nouveau – The next auction will be April 2-3 beginning at 9am Saturday and ending at 4pm Sunday.  Each week this page will host a different group of artists who will be auctioning art, jewelry, or prints.

I also continue to be a guest teacher in Kara Bullock’s “Let’s Face It” class that runs through the end of this year.  A few ladies in my area are taking the class and last weekend we got together as a group to work on Week 10 “Flowers in Her Hair” together.  It’s not too late to join!  My class will focus on figures!  Imagine that!

I will be doing my own learning as well at our local museum learning Abstract Figure Painting from David Limrite this June.  Three full days of learning “how to see the figure in more abstract terms and be guided toward a more fearless, aggressive, experimental, and risk-taking approach”.  This is just what I’m needing!

Finally…Kara and I will be hosting a weekend workshop at Jenny Doh’s studio CRESCENDOh this September 17th – 18th.  Keep an eye out for details to come soon!!

All this as well as much needed time spent with my sweetheart at music festivals, weekend wine tasting, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, cool drinks on the porch with friends and pool parties with the family!  Life is full!  Rich!  Fulfilling!  Blessings to you this spring season.


(WIP – my version of Week 10 Let’s Face It…inspired by spring.)


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