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Let’s Face It is Almost Here!!!

Two days left until Christmas!

Eight days left until the end of the year!!!  

Do you still have someone to shop for?  How about a new way to be, live, do this New Year?  Imagine a year’s worth of instruction and inspiration, a community of creativity, a welcoming of new ideas, tools and techniques!  Need I say more?

500 people have already enrolled in LET’S FACE IT  an innovative new class by Kara Bullock.  I hope that you will join me and 17 other amazing artists as we face 2016 head on (pun intended) in search of our face, our style, our way of creating.

For immediate inspiration, here are a couple of quick sketches I worked on this week.  Keep an eye out for the finished versions.  I’m seeing some tribal feathers on these gals…

FullSizeRender (2)                                     IMG_0750

For more information on LET’S FACE IT, click HERE.

Or for immediate gratification, click the “Buy Now” button to enroll now!

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