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Celebration Amidst Struggle

There has been much discussion by social media friends lately about struggling with the creative process.  I’m right there with you.  For me, I think I may be in a growth spurt.  I’m ready to learn more technique, to slow down and take my time with the process.  Slower is faster.  I want to tell a story with each painting.  I want to connect with each face that enters the canvas.  I’m having trouble with that right now.  It’s extremely frustrating because I want each and every time I sit down to create to be satisfying and fulfilling.  It just isn’t.  So, I will work to breath through this period, soak in what is happening and know on the other end that there will be moments of satisfaction. I will stop fighting it, stop writing a story about what may or may not be happening and just let the process be. I will work to find the joy and celebration amidst the struggle.

Stay Wierd

“Stay Weird, Be Random, Be You…”

Sometimes, I need to take a break and look around, learn from others, really pay attention to what their process is and think about how I can apply it to my style.  Even though I am an instructor in Kara Bullock’s “Let’s Face It” 2016 course, I am  excited to also have access to the classes the other instructors will be teaching.  I will get to learn and grow from their style and techniques as I continue to develop my own.  The voice of my fear tells me I’m not good enough, I won’t improve, this is as good as it gets, etc.  What a Debbie Downer that voice is!  Wah, wah….  I plan to quiet that voice and learn to enjoy the process.

I hope that you will consider partnering with us in this journey of facing fears we all experience in our creative process.

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Let’s face our fears together!



6 thoughts on “Celebration Amidst Struggle”

  1. Hi Deanna, yours is the second post like this that I have read today and both times the first thought in my head is ” Are you kidding me?!” From someone standing outside your art and mind and looking in, a past of me thinks that you must be having a laugh because I think your art is brilliant and inspired and I WISH I could do what you are doing. I understand though that we see our art and ourselves differently than others see us and that we are all striving to be better and want more from ourselves in our art. So, knowing this, I know that you are saying this in all sincerity , but I totally think that you rock! You are one of the instructors that I am most excited about in the up coming class. I love that your girls are different to the whimsical norm and have I don’t know, maybe a touch more whimsy and oddity. I think that makes them special and the mind behind the creation special too. I love your forms, I love that they have a graze and style all of their own. How cool is that?! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with struggle in the process, in fact I think that there is a beauty and a story all of it’s own there when there is an added struggle. I think as artists that a small part of us would be ever so slightly disappointed if things always came easily, I think a part of us longs for the struggle because that makes us stretch and bend and live with the art…if that makes sense. Looking at all the the instructors art for the LFI class is intimidating to say the least to a noob like me. Yesterday, I was feeling quite scared. I was thinking that I was accepted into the fold with open arms, but what if during the class, everyone sees that I am an imposer and don’t have any clue as to what I am doing and will that make me less than?. I am watching Annie Hammon’s Soulful Art class. I say watching it because I don’t feel skilled enough to paint along right now. I’m okay with that. In the class, Annie says that it’s okay to struggle in our art. I have put that foremost in my mind this week. I found it inspiring and refreshing and validating that it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to have to really work at a painting. Tamara also had a post this week about struggles. Muriel wants us to eat our glitter, Tam wants us to put war paint on and Annie says it’s cool to struggle and you say it’s growing pains. I say, look at all the support from all the people who are struggling and are pushing their limits and aching for more. I say there is beauty in that. Sit with your struggles and your growing pains, I think that it’s a refinement process and that all struggle and pain is. I sincerely think that you totally rock. Now, eat your glitter and paint that shit girl!

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    1. Hi Christy. Thank you so much for this! I think, as humans, we all go through these types of phases at various times and for various reasons. Thank you for your uplifting and humorous words! You are completely right! I would be soooo disappointed if there was no challenge. I would get bored, lose interest and look for something else. It is ok to struggle! I will eat my glitter and paint that shit! Thank you!!!


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